A new way of travelling: rediscovering the past for wonder of present™

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Sounds and visions

A new way of travelling: rediscovering the past for wonder of present™. Just on the places of the itinerary sounds and visions will report the travelers back in time... Read more

Stages on cover

At the beginning of each route, participants will receive an elegant program printed on a valuable cover, useful to follow the evolution of the stages of the tour.

Refined menus

The choice of the restaurant and the menu to be included in the itinerary plays an important role in the design of the tour. That's why the dishes offered by us always stand for quality and variety, so that the traveler is satisfied with the happy Italian food break.

Theme gifts

At the end of the route to each participant a theme gift will be donated in memory of visited places...

Exclusives departures

The tours provide the completion exclusively for the only ordering group, in favorites days and starting directly from the location selected by the bunch, for a tour with the maximum comfort.

Tourist guides

Tourist guides available since the place of departure for the entire duration of the route.

Longer routes

Itineraries with above-average duration, to discover the visited territories in a complete and relaxing way.

Detailed programs

Each tourist proposal is described in detail, in order to better evaluate every aspect of the itinerary.

Alternative proposal

Some tours include the indication 'Alternative route', thus offering the opportunity to participate in a similar tour and just as full of charm, but shorter and with a reduced cost.

Foreign tourists

In addition to existing routes in Italian and English language, will in future be possible tours in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Russian and Spanish language.


NOTE: for details, refer to the links 'Detailed programs' of their tours.

Sightseeing tours

Virtual reality

From country to country 
Navigate on the Naviglio Grande
Waiting to leave, discover the new 'Visual Lombardia': real tourism and virtual reality, navigating on the Naviglio...

Majestic, eternal 
Enter in Milan Cathedral
Visit the famous Duomo of Milano and immerse yourself in its silences...