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Viaggi in corsivo

Semantics and creativity: ideas come true

Type of writing and typeface, corsivo (italics) is full of meanings: firstly it represents a fluid way of writing, without separate letters, quick, own handwriting; you sign in italics, you think in italics. Then a large semantic value: a word, when written in italics, is relevant, raises his term, it projects into a wider dimension. So, the viaggi in corsivo, underline their manual and handcrafted reflection, just a quality full of details, the meaning of which starts from the idea to rise to tourist travel experience.

«I like the idea of corsivo understood as personal, unique and peculiar type, non-standardized, to be joined to the concept of travel, trips, tours, flights, destinations and original ideas, attention to detail, "hand-made" precisely».

Paolo Capoferri(Legal representative 'Viaggi in corsivo')

Club, tourism and culture

Club of travellers cultural-tourist vocation, the 'Viaggi in corsivo' has among its purposes the social diffusion of the knowledge of the Italian territory, its architectural, historical, artistic and natural expressions and countless food and wine produced there; knowledge for the safeguarding and enhancement of the Italian tourism itself. Among the highlights of travelling in corsivo (in italics) then, you can see the features of a cultural tourism, social, attentive to local peculiarities that are between the lines of every place. The 'Viaggi in corsivo', moreover, in line with its associative nature, wants to be a meeting place and socialization between people, organizing recreational activities in accordance to the same social purposes mentioned above. Any idea proposed by the association is governed by associative statute and by laws. In particular, according to the legislation in force in the tourism market, in order to ensure compliance with the obligations to shareholders and insurance technical-organizational measures required, these activities will be carried out in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree n°79, 23/5/2011 (Tourism Code, repealing the law n°135, 29/3/2001 Reform Legislation National Tourism and Legislative Decree n°206, Chapter II, 6/9/2006 Consumer Code) and submitting, as regards' technical organization of the trips, title V of Lombardy regional law n°27, 1/10/2015 (Regional Turism Policy and Territorial Attractiveness) and Emilia Romagna regional law n°7, 31/3//2003 (Regulation of Production Activities, Organization and Sale Travel, Holidays and Tourism Services). In this sense, the association applies at traditional travel agents or online travel agencies lawfully in possession of the prescribed authorization.

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