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A Roncole villager (English version under construction)

Giuseppe Verdi: a Roncole villager

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Designed to mark the bicentenary of birth of Maestro (1813 - 2013), the route runs through Verdi's lands across the slow passage of Po river. Starting from the Emilian side of the 'Big River', we will visit the humble atmosphere of birthplace in Roncole and the timeless tranquility of Villa Verdi in Sant'Agata, where the celebrated musician wrote and lived for most of His life. The tour then ends with a suggestive listening of the most famous opera arias by Verdi...

8:00 am | Meet in a place chosen by the group, introductory description of the itinerary and starting by coach to Polesine Parmense (Parma).

During the transfer, screening of some sequences taken from the television script «Verdi», to see the young Verdi in places where His creative genius took form.

10:00 am | Arrived in the Verdi's lands, stop along the Po river and description of the surrounding context.

10:30 am | Transfer to Giuseppe Verdi's birthplace at Le Roncole (Parma). Guided tour.

12.30 am | Lunch in a typical restaurant in the Bassa parmigiana area.

3:30 pm | Transfer to Villanova sull'Arda (PC) and guided tour at Villa Verdi, where Maestro lived with his wife Giuseppina Strepponi and wrote unforgettable operas like «Rigoletto», «Il trovatore» and «La traviata».

5:15 pm | Short transfer direct to a charming nineteenth-century farmhouse on the Po river shore. During the transfer, screening of a further video sequence where you can see the Verdi's most intimate profile and His strong relationship with this lands furrowed by the river.

5:30 pm | In an authentic and original context, between fields and country houses to act as a backdrop, listening of the most famous arias by Verdi.

7:00 pm | Conclusion and back transfer to starting point of the tour.

(Indicative timetable, see the detailed program).

For lovers reading

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Le Roncole: it all started here. Verdi composer and Verdi farmer: the two aspects of Genius. Salami, Lambrusco, lasagne and Parmigiano: the Emilia Romagna hospitality. The «Va, pensiero» in the lands of the Bassa.

Vision of some sequences taken from the television script «Verdi» with Ronald Pickup and Carla Fracci (RAI, 1982). (Multimedia support: screen bus).

Listening of the most celebrated arias by Verdi. (Multimedia support: amplifier).

The Bassa parmigiana menu

Tour program and Verdi arias texts printed on a valuable cover, theme gift to each participant.

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Tour active from May to October.

For organized groups from 40 to 52 people.

Start at 8:00 am | Duration: one day.

Departure by bus from a place chosen by the group.

€89 per person. Reservation required with a minimum notice of 15 days.

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«A modest farmer»: reduced version with departure after lunch and afternoon duration.


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